any standard recommendations for server configs? horizontal scaling?


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Mar 30, 2012
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I would like to know if over the years cPanel users or cPanel staff have made a rough tabulation of what server configurations would be able to handle what kind of loads.

Ours is single user, single web application site, not the standard shared hosting system which cPanel/WHM handles best.

But I am not sure our server config will scale well with higher traffic.

- I've looked at Mysql optimisations (tuning queries, partitioning tables)
- I'm looking at nginx and varnish (I know it's not supported by cpanel, but really any caching system will help our performance)
- I've also installed xhprof to profile php.

So, what's left is to plan ahead as to what hardware we might need.
Any half-decent estimates from experience will also be better than the current idea we have - which is zero.

The other thing is scaling a cPanel server vertically is quite different from scaling it horizontally - can that even be done?

Can that be done in a VPS setting?

Thanks in advance.