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Dec 10, 2003
The last few update runs on WHM have returned the following. Anybody else getting this or anyone have any ideas what the failure is?

Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Warning: Guessing NAME [PathTools] from current directory name. Writing Makefile for PathTools cp lib/File/Spec/Mac.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/Mac.pm cp lib/File/Spec/OS2.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/OS2.pm cp lib/File/Spec/VMS.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/VMS.pm cp lib/File/Spec/Cygwin.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/Cygwin.pm cp lib/File/Spec/Epoc.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/Epoc.pm cp lib/File/Spec/Functions.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/Functions.pm cp lib/File/Spec.pm blib/lib/File/Spec.pm cp Cwd.pm blib/lib/Cwd.pm cp lib/File/Spec/Unix.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/Unix.pm cp lib/File/Spec/Win32.pm blib/lib/File/Spec/Win32.pm Running Mkbootstrap for PathTools () chmod 644 PathTools.bs rm -f blib/arch/auto/PathTools/PathTools.so
LD_RUN_PATH="" cc -shared -L/usr/local/lib PathTools.o -o blib/arch/auto/PathTools/PathTools.so
cc: PathTools.o: No such file or directory
cc: no input files
make: *** [blib/arch/auto/PathTools/PathTools.so]
Error 1
/usr/bin/make -- NOT OK
Running make install
make had returned bad status, install seems impossible Digest::MD5 is up to date. Compress::Zlib is up to date. Archive::Tar is up to date. Data::Dumper is up to date. Net::Telnet is up to date. Net::Cmd is up to date. Term::ReadKey is up to date. Term::ReadLine::Perl is up to date. CPAN is up to date. Bundle summary: The following items in bundle Bundle::CPAN had installation

Recursive dependency detected:
=> File::Spec
=> K/KW/KWILLIAMS/PathTools-3.00.tar.gz
=> File::Spec.
Cannot continue.