Anybody up for a cheeky challenge?


Apr 23, 2012
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Would you be prepared to help me try to speed up my Joomla/Kunena forum website which runs on a dedicated server?

I do not have any cash available at the moment but maybe you like a challenge and could benefit from the kudos gained?

I have a list of recommended Server tweaks and settings but am vey wary about changing too much.

You and or your company would get loads of publicity and thanks from the members in return.

If you need some money then I am sure that this could be arranged as well! seniors community site
5 to 30 members online most of the time
Slows up once 20+ are on

Heart Internet dedicated server
2.33Ghz Dual Core Xeon
4GB ram
2x 160 GB SATA drives



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May 20, 2003
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I'm not sure I'd be looking at tweaking the server, but that could be helpful I would think.

Short of that, you might want to lookup and install yslow, a plugin for firefox that goes with the Web Developer toolbar.

When I run it on your site it gives most pages a D rating, and suggests to you what might help. Very useful to see where your website problems are.

In your Joomla admin area, go to Site > Global Configuration > Server, find Gzip Page Compression and see if its enabled. If not do so.

In Site > Global Configuration > System, find Cache Settings and adjust as needed.

You might need to disable when working on the site of course.

Lose some of your forums, or make them sub forums instead that don't all load on one page like this.

Check your forum settings for items similar to those mentioned above. I'm not familiar with that forum so no help there.

In your cPanel, find the Software/Services section and see if you have the Optimize Website icon. If yes, select 'Compress the specified MIME types' and click Update Settings.

This isn't really a cPanel problem. You might spend some time on the Joomla forums where I'm sure there's lots of threads about making things go faster.

If you think it's the server and you've done all these suggestions already, my apologies. :)


Apr 22, 2012
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Buzz50 said:
Would you be prepared to help me try to speed up my Joomla/Kunena forum website which runs on a dedicated server?
Yes, I can definitely speed it up very much. That's not a problem at all. :)

You said you cannot pay, I'm perfectly okay with that this time around.

I actually have a bit of open free time this evening and some tomorrow afternoon that is not scheduled for anything. I would be glad to lend a voluntary helping hand and show you what all is wrong with your server and your site and what all could be done to fix all of that and speed things up very substantially.

Just drop me a private message and we can coordinate schedules.