Anyone know where Cpanel picks a kernel OOPS up from??


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May 22, 2002
Everynight when scripts/kernelcheck runs cpanel sends a message.

IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.
Your kernel had an Oops!

This is the result of bad hardware or a kernel bug.
Your system may continue to function as normal, however
there is a good chance bad things are happening right now.
Bad things include: files disappearing, daemons crashing,
complete server crashs, disk corruption and many others.

You might want to check your RAM with memtest86 as this is
usually the cause of the problem.

Followed by the oops.

The thing is it is same oops message, it never changes and the one real oops that as in the lag files has been fixed a long time ago.
There is no OOPS or kernel error messages in any of the normal log files now demesg /var/messages etc.

But yet cpanel continues to send this message every night after it updates.
Anyone have any idea where they store and pick this thing up from?
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