Anyone please help me setup a server, willing to pay


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Sep 10, 2003
Anyone please help me with a couple of simple questions setting up WHM

Ok, for a year I have read documents and other sites that people link to, but no site tells me EXACTLY what to do step by step setting up Cpanel WHM. I will list the questions it asks me in order, and the errors I get. Here we go:

"It appears this is your first time using Web Host Manager ®. This wizard will guide you though setting up your server"

Ok I click Next and agree to TOS:

"Please complete the server setup to your right and click 'Save'. Once you are satisfied with the configuration, click the Next Step Button. If you wish to skip this initial configuration at any time, click the Finish button. "

Ok no problem, let's see:

"Main Shared Virtual Host IP:" I enter the server IP that was giving to me from the NOC.


I give the server a name, (I replace the real domain with nosite)

"Primary Nameserver:" I enter the nameserver for the domain, so if the domain name is, I name the primary nameserver No problem so far.

I click on "Assign IP Address" and it says:

"The nameserver has been assigned the ip"

No problem, I click on "Add an A Entry" now it gets tough. I get the message:

"Found your nameserver to be:
Found your domain name to be:
Found your nameserver name to be: ns1
Found your nameserver ip to be:
If this looks correct, "

Ok, so I click ok then it says:

"Zone does not exist, a new zone for will be created.
Sorry, a DNS entry for already exists, please delete it first Add Complete"

Eh? That is one thing I dont understand. So I continue without making any changes since I dont know what to do. next step:

"Secondary Nameserver:"

I click on Assign IP Address and now it says:

"Sorry, you are out of ips to assign as nameservers"

I know that I have at least 9 IP addresses, so do I have to add them to the server somehow? How do I do this?

Next Step:

"If you wish to enable the nameserver, you can do so in the right frame. Otherwise, just click the Next Step button. "

So should I enable it? I will do so to see what happens: Ok no problems with that I dont think. Next Step:

"Please complete the resolver configuration in the right frame, and then click the Next Step button - This wizard will guide you though setting up your resolver configuration file (/etc/resolv.conf). You currently have one or more of's dns resolvers in your /etc/resolv.conf. You will need to set these to your datacenter's local resolvers as these servers are only intended for use during a cPanel install. If you continue to use them connections to your server be exceedingly slow because of the time it takes to complete a dns lookup. "

Ok I have no clue what to do here, I will click continue to see what happens:

Next page reads:

"Enter the ip address of at least two nameservers that you will use for dns resolution. If this server is acting as a primary nameserver, and you have enabled the nameserver under inital nameserver setup, you must enter your machines primary ip in the Primary Resolver box. If this server is acting as a slave server, you should enter the ip address of the master dns server in the Primary Resolver box. Expert users with a custom dns configuration may enter a diffrent value. If you do not know the ip address of your provider's local resolvers you should contact them. It is very important that these nameservers are correct, or you server will not function properly. If you do not know what to put in the boxes below and cannot contact your provider, please close this window and go though this setup at a later time; Your server should still function normally, however connections made to the server may be slower then normal. "

Um... here is my question. It says that I need to know my provider's resolvers, but the people I pay to setup servers for me never needed this info I dont think. So is this necessary? Ok there was an IP in that first box already so I clicked continue and it reads:

"Listed in order they are:
Warning: You only specified one resolver! If this dns server fails, your server may not function. You should go back and specify additional resolvers. "

Ok I dont know if I did this right or not. Next Step:

Ok it says complete, but has two pop up windows that read this:

"The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname (host). This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to automaticlly add the entry,"

I clicked next and it read:

"Zone does not exist, a new zone for host. will be created.
Bind reloading on host using rndc
Created DNS entry for host.
Add Complete "

Ok so what are some things I need to correct, and how do I do them step by step? Please help, I have been doing research on this for months and still cannot find out simple answers on how to do this. Please help :(
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Sep 10, 2003
Ok, now it appears that my server needs the OS restored now due to an kernel panic. It kept crashing everytime I tried to upgrade Cpanel. Was I the cause of this problem due to the settings I entered or was just this a coincidence?