Anyone run Ensim transfers lately?


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Nov 9, 2001
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We're just about to migrate a bunch of Ensim clients to cPanel so I revied the pkgacct-enXim script and there appears to be a few "odd" things.

- For every account you transfer the script (on the Ensim server):

* Shuts down MySQL
* Starts MySQL without grants
* inserts a user
* Shuts down MySQL
* Starts MySQL (with grants)
* extracts user permissions
* deletes the user that was added

- Then the script copies the files that make up the MySQL database (it does not do a mysqldump)

First off, I think the clients on the Ensim sever would kill us bringing the MySQL server up and down multiple times.

Secondly, I'm not sure that if you copy the files that make up the db's they would even work on cPanel. The Ensim sever is 4.1.x and cPanel is 5.x.

Anyone have any recent experience with Ensim transfers?