Anyone Use Cpanel for an SMB File Server?


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Jan 12, 2015
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I need to setup a Linux server for a small business and all it needs to do is host one Intranet website PHP app, and provide a Samba file share (and related stuff like SSL cert for website, MySQL DB, etc.) Don't need to host email. Probably load CSF/LFD for enhanced security. It's only 12 users. No user groups.

It's going to be running in a XenServer VM. I'm a CPanel/WHM pro, and have worked with Webmin too. I'm leaning toward Webmin as it comes more bare bones than Cpanel so I can add only what I need and seems more designed as a server admin too as opposed to a hosting admin tool. Also curious about Koozali SME Server but based on the lack of info and discussion on it, seems much more relatively obscure.

I also just noticed Cpanel has User manager (I never bothered going in there, just configed email accounts) so I can still use it, ignore/disable the email functions, and might be worth the licensing fee since I'm so familiar with it. I found it more cumbersome getting everything running on Webmin (PHPMyADmin, etc) but I think that is just because I was less familiar with it.

Security is a big issue. Thoughts?