anyone using DRAMSystem for billing/hosting management?


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Aug 21, 2003
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Anyone using DRAM System -- ? They describe their product as:

DRAMS Plus is a user friendly, easy to administer, fully automated Domain Registration and
Management and Web Hosting Signup/Billing Solution. Every copy of DRAMS' flag ship software, DRAMS Plus, includes:

  • User Management
  • Domain Registration and Management
  • Hosting Management,
  • Server Management,
  • Help and Sales Desk,
  • Knowledge Base,
  • Affiliate system
  • and more.

DRAMS Plus also integrates with various server management systems, namely cPanel/WHM, (others deleted). Using modules created specifically for each server management system, it not only creates accounts, but also automatically manages individual accounts on your servers using its complex yet simple to use invoicing system. This intelligent invoicing system will automatically suspend accounts that are in arrears and immediately restore service once the payment has been received.


Seems pretty feature rich and since I use eNom for domain registrations, and of course cPanel for hosting, it seems like a pretty cool match.

Anyone out there using them?

- Scott