Apache 1.3.26 and Apache::ASP ~ problem


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Nov 9, 2001
New Jersey
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I have installed Apache::ASP onn several boxes with success in the past.

Most recent problem:

We ran the apache upgrade to 1.3.26 (buildapache.sea) and it seemed to go without any hassle.

Perl module compliled staticly into the apache binary, and we had to # rem out the lines related to perl module in httpd.conf for apache to start ok.

Here's the problem:

Apache::ASP got hosed.

Reinstalled Apache::ASP with &apache-asp.sea& and it installed OK... well nope, not totally..

It added the Perl Module lines back into the dynamic load part of httpd.conf. That crashed apache again.

#rem'd out the dymanic loading of perl module in httpd.conf again, and apache works, but ASP does not!

There seems to be a conflict between the Apache with static (strict) Perl and apache ASP installer.

Therefore, I finally gave in, and ran the build-apache.sea again, but chose to exclude the perl module from being staticly built into the apache binary. ASP now works this way.

I like the idea of perl being staticly built in because of stability, blah, blah, etc.. But it seems like Apache::ASP has a different idea of its own.

Anyone want to take a stab at this one?