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Oct 31, 2007
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We have an internal staging server where we test sites before deploying to production. Each site has a subdomain of our corporate domain. I've just noticed that all requests are returning a blank page. The error_log shows a 404 error:
[Wed Jan 26 09:30:02.205370 2022] [include:warn] [pid 20676] [client] AH01374: mod_include: Options +Includes (or IncludesNoExec) wasn't set, INCLUDES filter removed: /404.shtml
This is happening for dynamic content like PHP pages as well as static content like images.

Example URL:

We don't use this server often any more, so we just noticed the issue. Maybe it's related to a recent cPanel/WHM update?


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Oct 19, 2014
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I don't have any reports of Apache giving 404 errors. If you're still seeing this behavior it might be best to submit a ticket to our team so we can check that system. I do see you mentioned it is internal, so we would need SSH access to the machine to be able to examine it.