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apache continually restarting itself

Discussion in 'EasyApache' started by madmac, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. madmac

    madmac Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2004
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    Hello all,

    We've been having a small problem where apache will occasionally hit 99.9% of the CPU on average and not let go until I manually restart it.

    We looked back over our MRTG graphs, and the majority of the time, this seems to be happening right around the time backups start. We then checked for user crons running during that time, and found a few. We moved them to different time and one we found a problem with and fixed and moved ahead a little to when the backups would likely be finished.

    All was well for a couple days, but now I see it happening again. Always either around the time the backups start or late in the evening (9-10pm ish). When it happened the other night, nothing else seemed to be running, but then when I restarted apache, I noticed a Gzip process become active. We are Gzipping the backups, so it makes sense that maybe something with Gzip is causing it to do this. Though I'm not sure how to go about checking and fixing it.

    Also, I checked the error log for anything around the time this happened. Anytime it happens, it seems right around that time, apache restarts itself. However, it seems to do so alot, so I dunno if that is it. But it is the only thing in the apache log that it consistent between the times this happens. Odd thing, after it starts happening, it continues to restart itself, but does not let go of the CPU in doing so. I checked the SSL logs and it seems that the SSL is restarting apache all the time. Is this normal? could this be causing the problem with apache and cpu? Odd thing is, it doesn't seem to ever take up more than 99.9% of CPU, but seems to be constant. However, it doesn't really seem to effect the server that much. HTTPD is just a tad noticably slower and SSH is a tad sluggish but not really. And it just seems to hold there until I restart apache (it doesn't crash the server or anything). Before we 1st noticed it, it was running like that for 3 days over a weekend.

    Anyways, this is my error_log from when this happened this morning:
    and here is the SSL log from the same time:
    So 2 things I think I've figured out when this happens. Gzip seems to be running & SSL calls for apache to be restarted (which it does all the time, so that alone I don't think is it). And also, after it starts, future calls from SSL to restart apache do not stop it. A manual restart of Apache is required.

    Can anybody help me further figure this thing out? Support Ticket Number: ok - but sometimes causes problems when backups are running

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