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Apr 16, 2002
N.W. Iowa

we're using Apache 1.3.37 and trying to setup a 401 and 403 ErrorDocument in the httpd.conf but if we use a full url we get the following error message:

notice - cannot use a full URL in a 401 ErrorDocument directive --- ignoring!

we also get the same error if we use this format in a htaccess file? How can we get around this. We're trying to setup a system wide 401 and 403 error page incase a particular domain doesn't have one setup.



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Feb 16, 2004

notice - cannot use a full URL in a 401 ErrorDocument directive --- ignoring!
Read the Documentation: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/core.html#errordocument
httpd.apache.org said:
Note that when you specify an ErrorDocument that points to a remote URL (ie. anything with a method such as "http" in front of it), Apache will send a redirect to the client to tell it where to find the document, even if the document ends up being on the same server. This has several implications, the most important being that the client will not receive the original error status code, but instead will receive a redirect status code. This in turn can confuse web robots and other clients which try to determine if a URL is valid using the status code. In addition, if you use a remote URL in an ErrorDocument 401, the client will not know to prompt the user for a password since it will not receive the 401 status code. Therefore, if you use an "ErrorDocument 401" directive then it must refer to a local document.