"apache failed" message (but it is working)


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Aug 12, 2001
All over Europe

I know the problems with apache restarting every 10 minutes but it doesn't send out messages. Now, for the last 25 hours I get the "apache failed" message. Apache is working great. I followed the advice the throttle down the frequency cpanelogd checks the logs. I updated to the latest, I restarted cpanel and restarted the server. Nothing. I get notified every 10 minutes that apache fails.

PS: 25 hours I got failing messages for: exim, ftpd, mysql, webmail. Since then continuously for apache.

I serached the forums but found only questions, no answers. So, did anybody find out anything?

This reports are important as long as they are accurate. In this case, if something serious happens and I need to manually restart apache, I will probably oversee it since I no more take these reports seriously.