Nov 20, 2002
I've had my server up for about 3 months now, and twice in the past two weeks, Apache has failed. The first time, it was while I was FTPing some new content, so I knew it was down right away when I tried to view the new content. However, I also got an email indicating that the Apache process had failed.

A few minutes ago, I went to one of my sites and it wasn't there - turns out none of them were, so I restarted Apache (via WHM) and everything is working fine now. Strange thing is I didn't get a notification email. Perhaps it JUST went down and I happened to notice it right away?

My question is - how do I research what's going on and find out what is causing the service to stop? I looked at /var/log/servername, but I didn't really see anything especially strange in there.

Should I be looking somewhere else?

Also, I noticed that some of the files in /var/log seem quite large (6 files between 13 and 70 MB each) - Is there something I should be doing to archive and/or purge these files?



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Aug 12, 2001
Check /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log. Archiving the items in /var/log is up to you; we generally just delete them once they reach a certain size, especially the exim logs.