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Jun 3, 2005

I'm getting really frustrated about some problems I'm having configuring WHM on a new server (Redhat Linux ES 3).

Problem 1:

Whenever I try to recompile apache with mcrypt and mhash I get the following error: make: *** [libphp4.la] Error 1

This appears straight after make -j 4 php-4.3.11. Done and make php-4.3.11...(install).Done

Problem 2:

After update apache has finished I get the error: httpd has failed, please contact the sysadmin.

I've traced this problem to the httpd.conf file where the line: Alias /bandwidth/ /usr/local/bandmin/htdocs has appeared. Why every time I recompile? If I remove this line and restart apache, Apache starts fine but neither mcrypt or mhash appear in phpinfo.

I also had a problem with imap not starting but I read a post that mentioned changing a line in the imap file to: server = /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/imapd and this corrected the problem.

These problems all started when I tried to get the GD library working in PHP, this now works but mhash and mcrypt no longer work.

I would really appreciate any tips anyone can offer.


Neil Westlake