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Jun 15, 2003
Hi folks..

Recently Frontpage Extensions have stopped working completely (we did run buildapache.sea a few days ago, but taht shouldn't be a factor as it only stopped working on this one server)

This is the error that's produced :

Sun Jul 6 19:45:15 2003 error (2)No such file or directory: Random number generator exited abnormally in FrontPageInit(). Until this problem is fixed, the FrontPage security patch is disabled and the FrontPage extensions may not work correctly.

One update, we dug around and found this :
* This should be a rare occurrence. User recovery: Make sure you * have a /bin/sh, or change the shell location in the execl * command below. Try the commands defined in RAND_CMD in a * /bin/sh session to make sure they work properly. Rebuild this * module and your httpd with the proper commands.

However we do have a /bin/sh Support Ticket Number:
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