Aug 11, 2004
I have:
apache 1.3.33
tomcat 5.0.28
mod_jk 1.2.14

which was installed a year ago when tomcat was added to the whm addon modules.

It was running great with low usage. Now the load is a little higher and now I have apache and/or tomcat locking up after some time of activity.

I am familure with apache and tomcat settings with regards to memory and I know this is not the issue.

What I am having an issue with is tcp sockets from apache to tomcat. When I do a netstat I see a growing number of ESTABLISHED tcp connections. Eventually tomcat begins to fail when the maxThreads is reached for the connector.

I have been trying for 2 weeks to figure this out by researching on the net.

Basically the threads in tomcat are listing with a status of K - keepalive.

Any one experience this?

Is this an issue with apache 1.3.33 and mod_jk? Should I upgrade to apache 2?

Any help is greatly appreciated.