John Fotios

Jun 23, 2016
North Wales
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi cPanel,

I have an issue... in the passed any domain name I have pointed at my vps could be used to access accounts on the server, i.e.

I've always done this while developing websites using our main website domain because it looks nicer than serverip/~accountname

When I logged into whm, a notification page came up about an update to whm and it mentioned something about this, but I quickly clicked passed it (stupid, I know).

Now whenever I use I get the website's 404 page, and I have to access accounts through ip/~accountname while developing them. A lot of the WordPress sites I've been working on I've had to go into phpmyadmin and update the site url to use the ip.

Does anyone know what has caused this to change? Is there something in the whm settings I'm missing?