Apache Proxy for Ruby/Unicorn on CPanel System


Dec 6, 2011
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi all,

I'm on my 2nd day with CPanel. Lovin it so far. I want to start a small hosting service but that's beyond the scope of my post.

For now, I want to install Ruby using RVM in a user directory that will be created as a CPanel account (install it locally, on a user level; not on a system level). I want to run Unicorn (a Ruby application server) and have Apache act as a proxy. Unicorn will run on some port (eg. 3001) and I simply want to do what is usually done in an Apache Virtual Host as:

ProxyPass /
Anyway, I'm tempted to just open the virtual hosts file and add my directive but as per my understanding it's best not to mess with any of the system files on a CPanel system. So my question is: What is the proper CPanel way to add ProxyPass to a virtual host and is there anything unexpected that might happen if I set it up this way?

(I *do not* want Ruby installed system-wide or for use by others, just for this one account -- which I own and control -- so the CPanel specific implementation does not interest me.)