Apache write permission varies by server with same permissions

Brooky A

Sep 16, 2015
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Root Administrator
Hi Guys,

I have two servers with as far as I can see identical configuration. CloudLinux, CageFS, PHP (LSAPI).

Both servers have the following standard permissions for user accounts:

/home/user 0711 user:user
/home/user/public_html 0750 user:nobody
/home/user/public_html/folder 0755 user:user
/home/user/public_html/file.txt 0644 user:user
Apache on one of my servers finds these permissions acceptable to write to but the other doesn't.

Can anyone give me any clue as to why this might be? I really need Apache to be able to write to file. I can only get it to work if I make the group nobody recurring with 0775 CHMOD value. That shouldn't be needed.

Really grateful for any help.