API Gateways - any experience with Kong, Boomi, Gravitee, Apache APISIX, Tyk, etc.?


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Mar 25, 2002
Hi All,

I just did a search for "API Gateways" (yes, I enclosed with quotes) in these forums and was surprised to get zero results back :)

I have the potential opportunity to monetize some data that I hold in a MariaDB database, so I'm just starting down the path of understanding how best/easiest to make this happen.

For example, an article like this looks very interesting!

But it all starts with having an API setup (a REST API appears to be better than a SOAP API).

So I'm just starting this forum post by way of a hub for stimulating further discussion on the topic, sharing of experiences, etc. I don't have a single question per se.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experiences they'd like to share? :)



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