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Nov 24, 2014
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hello i need to setup somehow to allow users from client panel or cpanel to kill process
if user run nodejs he can not see process and because of CL and jailssh how to implement kill process?

from API documentation i didn't find anything just for some services eggdrop,irc... but that is not what i am looking for

i need something like Process Manager from WHM but to implement to allow user on click to kill all process for his account

the only solution that come to my mind is that i set php curl to login to whm and submit form to kill process by user?
is there any solution for this?


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Nov 14, 2017
There wouldn't be a way for a user to a kill a process that isn't running in their name. Not sure there would be an API that could do this but if the processes are in the user's name then you could create a script to either restart the service or yes kill a process by user but blindly killing processes like that would be a little worrisome.