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Jun 8, 2019
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Hi cPanel community,

My name is Rodolfo and I create a software called Chevereto, which is system for sharing images built on PHP and MySQL.

For about 2 years we have been providing a "cPanel installation" service which connects to the target cPanel account using user:password combo and from there it uses the UAPI to do all the process automatically. This is indeed an unattended installation process.

I started to work in a improved version of this script and I wanted to switch to API credentials but I noticed that most shared hosters don't provide this option. Probably is related to the experimental label of this functionality, the answer that I get from most hosters was security related and that is a VPS only feature.

Far as I know, the UAPI can't be disabled. The UAPI is there, in all cPanel installs and works with user:password combo.

I just don't understand how is more secure to don't provide a safer method to interact with the UAPI. I just don't get why shared hosters skip this feature.

Any thoughts?


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Apr 11, 2011
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