Apply Feature Manager selections to account


Oct 6, 2010

I'm starting with a reseller account and I think I configured it ok, I checked the cPanel documentation on every aspect on my new service :)

I have a question on the Feature Manager, I just created a "feature list name" and edited some checkboxes (much of these based on this topic I must say) and created a test account; everything is just fine but the options I deselected on the FM still appear and can be configured on the cPanel of the test account.

Why is that? There's some other step I'm missing?? :confused:

Greets from Mexico!


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Feb 25, 2010
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I moved this post to its own thread, since the original thread was rather old and not directly related. The original thread was:

In order for selections in the Feature Manager to have any effect, you need to create a package, assign the feature list to that package, and then change the package for the account. Have you already done this?

To create a package, use Main >> Packages >> Add a Package in the WebHost Manager. You will notice that Feature List is one of the options in both Add a Package and Edit a Package in Main >> Packages.

Once you have created a package and selected the feature list for that package, change the package for the account in Main >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account. Your selections in the feature list will then be applied to the account.