Are Account Quotas Supported on VServer?


Apr 4, 2003

I run a reseller account on a VServer hosted by and utilize their CPanel (6.2.0-R55) and WHM (6.2.0)

For the longest time I was able to succesfully set quotas for my accounts from the WHM under Account Functions. All worked fine, down to emails being set to users when their quota was almost reached.

Lately however, and possibly due to some updates, I get the following message and the quotas are all set to unlimited for all the new accounts I create or whenver I try to change them:

edquota: Error while getting quota from /dev/SEMO for 32020: Operation not permitted
Using redhat 7.1/mdk 8.0
Using new quota support
(uid 320 51200 51200 ):
Filesystem blocks soft hard inodes soft hard

I tried running /scripts/fixquotas through ssh but alas I have no permission to do so.

LiquidWeb keeps telling me that quotas are not supported on VServer, however I have had them working just fine so that cannot be true.

Please advise and let me know what to try or relate to LiquidWeb so that this problem can be resolved.

Thank you!