Are addons related with each others


Nov 2, 2018
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I have an issue what i can solve but solutions don't seen as healthy for SEO so i am explaining my case.

I am not familiar with cPanel and its branches so i am not able to technically speak. I work on cPanel by my hosting service and i have set a "automatically wordpress website" when i got this host service, let we call it as Then, i have created second "automatically wordpress website" on cPanel by ready app, let we say this They are totally different websites but i know they are sharing same database.

- When i look at my server informations on right side, i see that my primary domain is
- When i look at my addons i see an addon tab shows websites are touching each others :)

Something like this.
Sub domains:
Folder: /
not redirected

I think these are not seen correct for SEO or other standards. How can i be sure?