Are emails sent by user "-remote-" causing my server to be black listed?


Jan 17, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I am a newbie so please be patient. We host a bunch of little web clients on our server and many of they are saying their email is being rejected because our server is on a blacklist.

After looking at the email sent summary, I noticed that within an hour this morning that User "-remote-" with a domain of "blank" sent 274 messages. When click on that row for "-remote-" it opens up the mail deliver report and shows all the email by this user remote, but some emails are legit and most 95% are defiantly spam being sent to clients on the server.

After clicking the button for sent mail and running the report under Mail Delivery Reports, how can I use that info from each know spam message to prevent that spam from coming in the first place? Is someone using my server to send that spam and is that why its showing up as user remote in my sent summery report? Maybe this is why our server is being blacklisted?

I also searched the forum and only found this thread but didn't really help me much:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!