Assign domain (Already in DNS) to an account

Oct 8, 2013
New Richmond
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I've paid someone to configure my new server. Has I can manage basic task, I normally pay a SysAdmin to configure my server and do "big jobs". With this been said, I recently moved my server and asked a SysAdmin to configure my new server with cPanel. What he does, was from my point of view, a really good job, but since, I have problem with emails. I asked him to configure our server has since we are now "two" company hosted on the same cPanel (Officially, I'm not working for them, and they take care of my client). But before I can announce it officially to all "our" client, I setuped and with a "generic" hostname so they don't feel like I sold them. But the problem is, I don't know how he set this up, but now the domain is attached to nobody and I can't create an email "[email protected]" to register ar Hotmail SNDS, I have hard time configuring rDNS, HELO, SMTP Banner...

Please someone... I need help... The tech I paid to do it, look like he his not taking care of that anymore, and now i'm stuck with email rejection & blacklist (sometime, but I know how to unblock my server's IP).

Thank you


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Apr 11, 2011

You can confirm the existing hostname at:

"WHM Home »Networking Setup » Change Hostname"

Try changing to something not already utilized by the account (e.g. mail). EX:


Thank you.