Assign IPv6 addresses to server


Aug 24, 2011
Hi there,

Pretty new here, like this is my first post. Anyhow, i searched the internet for a while now, reading information about IPv6 but I can't wrap my finger around it. And as I am pretty new in managing a centos server myself, I have a couple of questions on this topic.

My setup: dedicated server with latest WHM and cPanel

I have got this information on the IPv6 Addresses that has been assigned to me.

2001:1AF8:4400:A006:3::1/64 - 2001:1AF8:4400:A006:3::1/64
Gateway: 2001:1AF8:4400:A006::1/64



1: Those IPv6 Addresses given are a range I suppose. Can you give 2 full examples of a ip address in that range? so i can see the pattern and know how to use it.

2: do i need to enable anything on the server to support IPv6 ?

If yes, How Should I do that?

3: Can i add IPv6 Addresses in WHM?

If yes, where to look?

If no, what commands ( i use putty) should i use, or investigate further, in order to get the knowledge i need.


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Apr 16, 2005
You may want to attempt to read some of the threads just right under you.

"Server administrators will begin seeing some IPv6 functionality appear in the graphical interfaces of version 11.32 and become more evident throughout future versions of cPanel & WHM. Our goal is to complete IPv6 support by version 11.36 of cPanel & WHM."