assigning ip addresses to resellers dns


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Mar 6, 2003
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I wonder if someone could point me to a step-by-step guide
or either lead me how to assign IPs to a reseller account so he can have their own dns...

I have created the account, assigned him reseller privileges.

But don´t know how to assign him a set of IPs or create
the private dns for him.

Thanks in advance


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Jul 6, 2004
1) Go to Reseller center, go to Edit Reseller Privileges/Nameservers and click
on dropdown menu till you get and click on OK .

2) Assign the reseller whatever privileges, etc.. . Also at the
bottom, assign nameservers that will automatically be used when creating
accounts for this reseller. DO NOT click on assign IP or add an "A" zone. Click
save once finished.

3) Go down to dns functions and click on "edit a dns zone". Find, highlight and click on EDIT. Now, below the domain info (under
the Add New Entries Below this Line), there will be additional blank boxes. on
the far left, 1st line add "ns1" (assuming ns1 and ns2 nameservers and do not
use the " ). Leave the next two lines as 14400 and "A". In the next blank box
to the right add the IP address you are assigning to the nameserver. Repeat
these steps for ns2.
Click save when finished

4) Go up to Account functions, click on "change ownership of an account" and
click on it. Select, click change. On the drop down menu,
change from root to and click OK

5) Restart apache.