Associate a CustomerName or CusomerID with a WHM or cPanel domain/account .....


Nov 14, 2013
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Reseller Owner

I am fairly new to WHM & cPanel but have successfully set up about 8 domains in my reseller account .... and they are working OK.

Overall I am wanting to set up around 100 domains/accounts.

Some of my customers have up to 20 of those domains.

For billing purposes, it would be really good if I could associate a Customer name or Customer ID with each domain/account ... then I might be able to use a .csv export file or even the API to group my domain/accounts by customer.

I do have a licence for WHMCS but I was hoping to avoid that for a while as my type of customer wants me to do all the setting up and management for him ... they are not wanting to get too involved themselves.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.