'auth-nxdomain' option is now 'no'


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Aug 10, 2001
Hello there,

Were currently experiencing a problem:
We have Primary server running bind 9.1.3 and also the slave is running this too.
However, recently we have been getting a problem when creating a subdomain on the a server only the primary DNS is having the domain.com.db updated and the salve is not.

I have ran /scripts/fixndc on both machines and checked both files to check that the keys are the same and they are.

I have also ran named-checkconf and it produced:
the default for the 'auth-nxdomain' option is now 'no'
This was on both servers.

I have also tryed restart bind on both servers, attempted to re-establish the trust relationship between them and syc the dns.

/scripts/dnstransfer seems to be working OK. There are no errors here. However its seems to be that the slave DNS is not updating any records.

We created a DNS zone on the Slave DNS and the zonefile appeared on the PRIMARY server but NOT the SLAVE.

This problem has only seemed to make its self known today when a user said that a subdomain he just created was not working.

Anyone have any ideas on this? Any help / suggestions are appriciated.