Sep 8, 2002
Alright, I'm a reseller, and I'm setting up a script for automatic account creation, it works just fine.

The problem comes when... a username or domain name already exists and the account cannot be created.

Currently, the script is pretty basic, it will create the account, send an E-mail to them, and an E-mail to me. I don't need confirmation of having received payment or anything, cuz I give free trials, etc., and I'd just rather not mess with that.

I just need to know how to verify that the account was created, and return a message stating that it was or wasn't. If it wasn't, I don't want the default response, that'd look really crappy... :) I need to validate that the account was created, ... I could probly do this by listing packages and checking to see if it's there... but then what if somebody already exists under my reseller account with that username, etc....

Any ideas? Help? Please? :)