Auto email response to a visitors form submittal


Nov 27, 2006
Hi, I have recently begun my own e-commerce website but am relatively new to the whole HTML, PHP, and Java Script concept. My current stumper is to figure out how to set-up an Auto response e-mailer that will immediately send a pre-constructed email (including graphics) to visitors when they fill out a request form for the specified email. Of course I know that the form interacts with a PHP file on the server, and that same PHP file is already set-up to automatically send me a confirmation when visitors submit a request; but sending an actual order confirmation to the customer is not what I'm trying to accomplish. (That's down the road). I am just looking for a way to store and send a copy of a pre-constructed email to anyone who requests a copy. Is it possible, and if so how can I do it?


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Mar 3, 2006
That has nothing to do with cpanel but you should google for php mailing scripts.
There are tons of them for free if you look around. If you are wanting to write your
own script, this is not the place to look.