Auto empty trash bin doesn't work with paper_lantern theme


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Dec 19, 2010
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just noticed that with Roundcube, if we set the "Empty Trash on logout" to ON and if we choose the cPanel theme Paper_lantern for the account.

Then the the trash bin is not emptied on logout.

I think that the logout button of the webmail is out of the interface with paper_lantern, it could be part of the issue.
With paper_lantern theme there's in fact on more line, sort of header on top of the roundcube interface, at first it seems to be a good points, but at least, not at all, because of the trash issue, ans also because it break the roundcube interface on smartphones.

So for this particular account I use the standard X3 theme, and there's no issue at all.

thanks in advance for your investigations.

PS: Also we are stuck with roundcube v1.0.5 (24 January 2015) but latest version is 1.1.1 (18 March 2015) it could be great to upgrade.