Auto redirect emails and delete original?


Jul 31, 2003

I was just wondering if there is a feature in cPanel yet where a redirect can be set to auto forward emails coming into an account, as well as deleting the original.

A bit like the way MS 365 does it, by simply setting a redirect address and a tickbox to say if the original should be deleted?
Forward email to another email account - support -

It seems there is a 2 step process available in cPanel, but is this still the recommended way?

My scenario is:
I have an email account in cPanel, but I want my interface to be Outlook (hotmail), so currently I just set up a POP link from Outlook. Obviously it would be better if it is instant though.
The default SMTP details for Outlook are my email account in cPanel, so I don't really want to delete that email account in cPanel to forward everything through.