Auto responders with forwarded email addresses


Apr 23, 2007
Thanks for the quick response! We have a support email address that forwards to many people in the company - And it's our company policy to have auto responders on when we are out of the office...

I could have them all set up the account on their pc's, but I'm afraid of losing mail or problems popping up with so many people downloading the mail from that account. The forwarder is great in that I know everyone who needs a copy of the email gets it.

Of course, I'm getting the old "this worked perfectly with our old server" comments... :)


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Nov 29, 2006
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As far as I am aware, for email forwarders and auto-responders set up in cPanel, there is no way to tell it to avoid automatically responding to email that was merely forwarded to it.

If you are using this for support, you may want to consider setting up some sort of ticketing system rather than a kludge of forwarding to multiple email addresses or having multiple users check the account via IMAP or webmail.