Auto suspend email account if system detects unusual outbound volume?


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Jun 10, 2009
We received the following notification from WHM:

"The system has detected an unusually large amount of outbound email..."

and from cron daemon:

"warn [eximstats_spam_check] The system has detected an unusually large amount of outbound email..."

Is there a way to auto suspend an email account upon system detection and receipt of this notification?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @kabatak,

Not yet, but we're tentatively planning to introduce new functionality in cPanel & WHM version 74 that will allow administrators to configure what action the server should automatically perform when it detects large amounts of outbound email from an account. As part of this new functionality, WHM >> Tweak Settings will include a new "Select the action for the system to take on an email account when it detects a potential spammer" option with the following available settings:
  • Take no action — Do not perform any action for the email account. (Default)
  • Hold outgoing mail — Hold all outbound messages in a queue for the email account.
  • Reject outgoing mail — Reject all outbound messages for the email account.
We don't have a specific time frame to offer on the release of cPanel & WHM version 74 at this time, but you can monitor our release website (it's currently focused on cPanel & WHM version 72) at:

The Hosting Platform of Choice | cPanel Release Highlights | cPanel, Inc.

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