Automated postgreSQL backups?

bruno schneider

May 29, 2019
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Hello guys,

I am user whm with a cpanel account for my system.
is done in php and uses the postgresql database 9.4

My question is how many backups of postgresql ... there are several databases, 1 for each client.
However when I run pg_dump I get the psql error: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
Is the server running locally and accepting
connections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?

I've tried several mutes but it did not work.

Question 1) I saw that there is a tool called Backup Configuration, with settings for Mysql.
The question is: using the WHM backup tool will you also make backups of the postresql databases?

Question 2) How do I use pg_dump?
In the other hosting I simply ran the .sh cron below
PGPASSWORD = "pass" pg_dump -i - column-inserts database_datas> database_dates "` date '+% d% m% Y% H% M'` ".sql -U systempizzar --no-owner

Anyway, I would like to have automated postgresql backups.
At first I thought a pg_dump would not give as much headache;

Thank you all


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Nov 14, 2017
Hello @bruno schneider

You should most definitely be able to use cPanel's Backup Wizard to create backups of the PostGreSQL databases with the full backup option. I confirmed this by creating a backup of my test account with pgsql installed and then extracting it.

If you want to do it manually you should be able to use the following:

pg_dump -U username dbname > dbexport.pgsql
Or you can create a backup through PHPpgAdmin -> Your database -> Export