Automated Reseller thru PHPMANAGER



Ok, I need help on 1 last little &problem&. The problem is around the area of Delegating IP's.

The command to delegate an IP through PHPMANAGER is;

$delegate = &http://$whmuser:$whmpass@whmdomain:2086/scripts2/dodelegateips?delegate=yes&ip-$username&;

That would delegate the IP and to whichever user is is signing up.

Anyhow, I need to know how to automatically select an IP that is not already checked off.

Anyone have any clue?

For whomever can come up with a working solution, I will share my automated reseller hack for phpmanager. it includes setting their name servers, giving reseller priv's, owning their own account and setting the shared/new accounts IP to the resellers accounts IP.