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Sep 30, 2008
I am looking to integrate cPanel more directly into my existing members area, I desire that either:
1) users be logged-in to their cpanel as part of the login process of the members area (so they can click links to cpanel pages without having to sign in again and remember additonal login credentials)
2) enable automatic login to cpanel account at the time when links are clicked to cpanel page are clicked.

I have read about various ways this can be done but they are complex and sometimes show users the login credentials in the URL (which I dont think is acceptable).

Does anyone have a straight-forward implementation of this? I would greatly appreciate it. Although I believe this is an important feature that WHM should strongly consider adding to its feature list.


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Dec 17, 2009
Houston, TX
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Hi Sirbrent,

I don't believe that there's a "straight-forward" implementation. I'm sure something could be rigged, however the two ways that pop into my head are involved:

A) a storage mechanism for the cPanel credentials and some JavaScript polling over SSL to retrieve the credentials, then make a browser login request (a redirection, really), all from a icon click. Not straight forward as there is huge security implications here.

B) If the two places live on the same OS, or if there's a root trust between the two, you could probably do some heavy scripting that would determine some sort of enduser trust. Again, not straight forward as it would be a fair amount of work, complex, and might be hard to maintain.

So...I'm not entirely straight on the details, but in a future release of cPanel/WHM (looks like version 11.32 for now), we hope to have our Pluggable Authentication solution in place. It's a complete refactor of our authentication code. I believe that this new code base would allow for integration with other authentication mechanism, like LDAP. If one could use a centralized authentication server, it would a much cleaner way to go for your needs. Alas, this code won't be available for several months and the details have been few.

Best of Luck,


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Oct 15, 2012
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Hello @TylerMWise

Customization in cPanel has taken on an new life of its own in that time period. It's handled entirely differently: Customization | cPanel & WHM Documentation

The cPanel Single Sign On authentication would likely be more apropo to what was discussed here previously: Guide to API Authentication - Single Sign On - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Basic user/pass authentication may also work, depending on your specific needs: Guide to API Authentication - Username and Password Authentication - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation
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