Automatically FTP backup script no more working in cPanel versions 11.40+


Dec 2, 2010

I was using for years a script in order to backup my accounts to a local FTP server. Noticed that with the new features of cPanel like security questions and more... As I've checked the backup script, it doesn't return any error at all, but it also doesn't run. I had a look at this script and apparently it works by connecting to cPanel and sending it a request to start a backup process. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work due to compatibility reasons with the new cPanel version.

The script i'm talking about, you can found it here.
Justin Cook's Blog – Automatic cPanel backup (domain & MySQL) with cron & PHP

I also check with an updated version from here with no any luck.
Howto: Automatic cPanel Backups / Eric Zhang [Xeroday]

So can you please tell me where the issue is?

Thank you.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's outside our scope of support to debug a third-party PHP script. It's likely not using a valid method of authentication with the cPanel API, or using an outdated method of generating a backup. Do you not have root access to the server? If not, consult with your hosting provider to see if individual backup archives are already generated automatically.

Thank you.