SOLVED AutoSSL certificate limit in one cPanel instance with 1000 addon domains


Feb 21, 2018
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Hope you are well.

We have an online app installed on our dedicated server. It allows customers to signup and build a website.

The app is based on WordPress multisite.

It uses *one* cPanel account.

Each new site is created with a *new* addon domain.

This means there are, say, 1000 domains configured in this single cPanel instance.

Question 1:

How many SSL certificates can there be generated via AutoSSL in this *one* cPanel account?

- 200? (The often-written-about limit?)

- 1000? (one per domain, or vhost?)

- Something else?

I have asked my host about AutoSSL, vhosts, etc, but I haven't received a clear answer.

Question 2:

How long will that SSL last for?

I have heard it lasts only 90 days. What happens after that?

Thanks in advance!



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello George,

1. Here's the general rate limit information:

  • Certificates that cPanel, Inc. provides through AutoSSL can secure a maximum of 200 domains per certificate (Apache virtual host).
  • Certificates that Let's Encrypt provides can secure a maximum of 100 domains per certificate.
The limit is per virtual host as opposed to per cPanel account. An addon domain name is considered a separate virtual host:

How Your Server Handles Domains and Virtual Hosts - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

Ensure to review the full "Domain and rate limits" section at:

Manage AutoSSL - Version 70 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

2. The AutoSSL certificates are issued for 90-days at a time, but are automatically renewed before reaching the expiry date. The renewal works the same way as the initial issuance (no cost, and the domain validation process must succeed).

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you.