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Sep 13, 2006

I've read the various threads and links to docs about rate limits but I'm still confused. I host about 650 customer accounts on my server. About half use domains and half use subdomains. I still don't feel clear about how the rate limit applies to using AutoSSL to create Comodo/cPanel certs for these customers. I realize that LetsEncrypt also has limits but they are lower, so I'm thinking of using Comodo instead.

Each customer account will never have more than 2 registered domains parked on their account. But I will have around 300 domains (1 on average for each of about 300 customers). I don't know how to reconcile these accounts and their domains with virtual hosts as the docs refer to the limits based on virtual hosts. All these hosted accounts are on the same one shared IP address. Am I understanding the docs correctly, that given this setup each domain will be its own virtual host, and therefore I'm not likely to hit the maximum limit (200 or 300) for certificates issues by cPanel/Comodo AutoSSL?

Also, for my subdomain accounts, I also have about 300 customers, each of which has one subdomain of my main business domain (i.e.,, etc.). The docs appear to indicate each of these is a different virtual host as well, so is it also unlikely I'll hit the limit for subdomains too? Since these subdomains are all under the same primary domain ( for example), is there any total limit I'd hit with 300+ of them (one per cPanel account, but all on the same shared IP)?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.
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Apr 17, 2013
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In the link Manage AutoSSL - Version 68 Documentation - cPanel Documentation it does mention about limit and at the same time it refers to Apache virtual host also, so I think it will support certificate for 200 virtual host.

Addon Domain and Subdomain has different document root and can host additional website, so they are separate virtual hosts.

Will have to wait for someone from cPanel support update this threat to clear the doubts..


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Apr 11, 2011