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Jan 24, 2018
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I am still new to this VPS stuff and recently have been getting a bunch of AUTOSSL error emails. I switched my domains from a shared server a while back to a VPS and am trying to learn as fast as I can... Anyhow, I pay for a total of one SSL certificate for my main domain and the other 7 or 8 sub-domains never used an SSL certificate as far as I know. I recently closed down 3 of my sub-domains too and am getting error emails for them too. My paid SSL has renewed properly last week when it cam due and I paid the renewal. Here is a sub-domain message that I got yesterday:

The system failed to create the directory “/home/mydomain/public_html/mysubdomain/.well-known” because of an error: Permission denied
Do I need to worry about this?? Is the FREE AUTOSSL certificate necessary and I had them all along on a shared server??

This particular domain is under construction due to hackers messing with Joomla so I am rebuilding with HTML5 and CSS etc.



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Nov 14, 2017
hi @notarocketscientist

If you're not using AutoSSL then you can disregard these notifications or even disable the AutoSSL service by going to WHM>>SSL/TLS>>Manage AutoSSL and selecting disabled under the Providers tab.

If you'd like to use AutoSSL, the error you're receiving indicates that the permissions on the directory for the website are not allowing for folder creation once the permissions issues are resolved the AutoSSL process should complete without issue.

Thank you,