AutoSSL error - Remote IP address is not licensed.


Nov 26, 2019
Wyoming, Canada
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To start off, I'm no expert and am looking into an issue we are having for another member of our team.

The error we are getting is this.

"The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store because of the following error: (XID akbjv5) The cPanel Store returned an error (X::UnlicensedIP) in response to the request “GET ssl/certificate/whm-license”: The remote ip address, ###.###.###.###, is not licensed.

The way my network engineer explained the issue to me was that because the IP address the request leaves the building on, and the one the External DNS is registered to is different. He thought there might be a way to create a rule in cpanel to send requests out from the cpanel server on the same IP that requests come in on.

Is there someone that can assist with anything about the issue we are facing? Again, not an expert and some additional info may be required. Let me know.


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Nov 14, 2017
Are you NAT routed (you have a private IP and a public IP)? cPanel recognizes 1:1 NAT configurations and shouldn't experience an issue with this when getting AutoSSL certificates pending it's configured properly.

If you're not NAT routed or it's a non-standard routing configuration, it's possible there's a misconfiguration on the network. The main IP address of the server should be the licensed IP, if that's not the case you'd either need to change the main IP or the licensed IP. You can identify what cPanel see's as the licensed IP by running the following:

lynx -dump
(don't post the results here please)