AutoSSL fails for one domain


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Mar 2, 2004
I have one domain that fails when AutoSSL runs. This is the error:

ERROR “cPanel (powered by Sectigo)” forbids DCV HTTP redirections.

I have many domain configured with the website host being a third party and the A record points elsewhere. This is the only domain that has this issue. This domain also went through a domain name change 6 months ago. It changed from a .gov to a .org. The account name did not change.

I have full root access to the server at my host. My host is unable to assist. They just keep telling me it doesn't work that way. However it has worked this way for years, as well as my other domains hosted elsewhere continue to work.
So we know the issue is related to this domain, not necessarily the configuration; because the configuration works on other domains on this server.

I noticed this when I received the e-mail notice from WHM/cPanel a couple of days ago, however, this morning, the end users of this domain are seeing cert error in their outlook when connecting to this service: "The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect"

The cert is issued by cPanel and is valid until Aug 2022
The server name they are connecting to is the fqdn of the server, not their own domain.
We have every account on our WHM/cPanel server using the server's fqdn for e-mail connections, so I really think it is an issue with the account, not the server.

If you need more info, just ask! I need to figure this out. :)

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! For these issues it's usually best to submit a ticket so our team can check the system directly. There's a lot of moving parts to the AutoSSL system, and especially with a certificate that was once working and isn't now, it's not usually efficient to try and handle that over the Forums.

If you can submit a ticket, please post the number here so I can follow along and update this thread with the outcome.