May 11, 2022
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Hello to all,
The server has 2 ips the main one (let's say) and a second one . The DNS of the site is managed externally by other DNS provider. All ports on the second ip except 433,80 are blocked by the firewall. The "" of the site "" are resolving in the second ip ( and the "" is resolving on the first ip (
So... the problem is that Autossl does not renew the domain ssl and thus producing error messages in the mail clients.
What i have tried (to "fool" it) to add it as "alias" or "add on" domain to the site. Does not work - as the resolve takes place to first ip .
What IS working is to assign/move the site to the first ip (change the external DNS also), make the request/take the certificate an later move it "back" to the 2nd IP.

Is it impossible to verify a DNS that resolves on the server by other means to AutoSSL?

Thank you all in advance
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! That's normal AutoSSL behavior - it can only issue certificates for domains that are local to where AutoSSL is running. If you want to get a certificate installed you'll need to do that workaround you mentioned earlier, or look into third-party SSL options such as a wildcard domain that you can install in multiple locations.