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Aug 12, 2022
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Hello folks,

It's been happening (quite rarely, but still annoys) some issues regarding Auto SSL certificates for addon domains.

Some context:
my customers don't have access to their cpanel account directly, I'm managing everything through cPanel's and WHM API.

Lately I'm having some cases where customers approach my company's support and say SSL installation is taking too long for some domains.
When I open their cPanel account to check, I notice it's always addon domains and there is the following error on SSL/TLS status:

The installed certificate does not cover this domain. The certificate will renew via AutoSSL.

If I click on "show certificate", I see:

Certificate ID: another-addon-domain_website_primary_domain_site_d2703_8f8c1_1669521779_ac12a737634e5c1900d0219f03a3c81b
Issuer: Let's Encrypt
Key: RSA, 2.048-bit (d270317b …)
Expires: 27/11/2022 04:03:00

If I click on show certificate for any of these three domains (, and,
all of them have this ssl error.

I've been solving the issue by removing the addon domain, adding it back, waiting a few hours and then running AutoSSL again.

Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to stop it?
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