autoSSL issue with existing wildcard certificate


May 17, 2012
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Root Administrator
I have a domain running Wordpress multisite, which needs a wildcard * certificate, since my customers can create any subdomain they want.

Later, the subdomain is mapped to the client's real domain name (e.g. I then attempt to enable autoSSL by creating an add-on domain.

When autoSSL runs, the existing wildcard certificate gets installed because it matches the servername value. autoSSL won't issue an new certificate to cover the add-on domain because it won't uninstall/replace the valid, non-autoSSL wildcard certificate. So I end up with this: covered by existing wildcard cert, validated as secure. domain name does not match certificate, unsecure. domain name does not match certificate, unsecure.

Is there a way to get around this and get autoSSL to handle the add-on domain names?